97% of Clinicians Surveyed Chose Symmetry

Through clinical evaluation, Symmetry consistently proves to be the preferred choice of workers due to the gentleness of the product. Symmetry understands the importance of hand hygiene acceptance and manufactures products that people want to use. Your hands will pick Symmetry.

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Symmetry's U.S. based, vertically integrated supply chain guarantees access to essential products even in unprecedented times.

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Lower HAIs

If healthcare workers like the hand hygiene products, they will use those products and, as a result, help prevent HAIs. Take the Symmetry Challenge and put Symmetry products to the test.

"Using a quality soap that doctors and nurses want to use is the number one way to reduce the spread of hospital acquired infections."

CDC Hand Hygiene Guidelines

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Point of Care

Symmetry Point of Care items give healthcare workers easy access to hand hygiene opportunities while working directly with patients.

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Education & Awareness

Maximize hand hygiene practices in your facility with education and awareness tools.

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Symmetry Behavior Modification System

We utilize behavioral science to drive hand hygiene compliance. Symmetry partnered with Behavioral Phycologists to understand the factors that influence human behavior and adapted these concepts to encourage hand hygiene at the appropriate moment.

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