SBMS (Symmetry Behavior Modification System) & Education and Awareness Tools

Symmetry offers the most accepted hand hygiene formulas on the market. These formulas contribute significantly to increased compliance. To further maximize compliance, Symmetry has introduced the Symmetry Behavior Modification System (SBMS).

SBMS is a set of unique, cost-effective tools, based on six key tenets, designed to INSPIRE hand hygiene compliance. The goal of SBMS is to provide tools that capture attention in the moment, driving an immediate hand hygiene event to take place.

Behavioral Science

Behavioral scientists study the thoughts, motivations, and social influences that impact human behavior. Studies have shown that interventions like color, mirrors, floor decals, flashing signs, and product placement can have a direct effect on behavior.

Symmetry collaborated with New York Time bestselling author Dr. Adam Alter, PhD to develop behavior modification tools that improve hand hygiene practices.

Six Key Tenets

Unlike negative motivators, SBMS is based on six key tenets that offer a positive approach designed to inspire. Each tenet offers a unique way to drive compliance.

The disposition to do good

Others’ expectations and/or requirements

Willingness to accept responsibility and comply

A change in form, substance, or position of something

Strong feelings towards something

Instructional and guided statements to prompt action

Dispenser with BMod
Dispenser with BMod
Dispenser with BMod

SBMS includes unique placards and signs with messages designed to encourage proper hand hygiene practices.

Seeing is Believing

In a study conducted on sanitizer dispensers outside the patient rooms, dispensers with Symmetry behavior modification placards were used around three times as often as dispensers without the placards.

3x Baseline

Dispensers without Behavioral Modification Placard

with Behavioral Modification Placard

with a different Behavioral Modification Placard

Symmetry dispensers are available in a variety of color combinations.

Red Monolith Dispenser
Royal Blue Monolith Dispenser
Dark Gray Monolith Dispenser
Black Monolith Dispenser
Alpine Monolith Dispenser
Empathy Monolith Dispenser

Add your own logo and messaging to further customize your dispenser!

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Symmetry Digital Behavioral Driver Placard: MOTIV

Uses motion and sound to trigger a response to take action

Image and video variation keeps messaging fresh to avoid sign fatigue

Allows for quick, easy customization for new campaigns and initiatives

Digital MOTIV Driver Placard Digital MOTIV Driver Placard Gif
Visual Lighting Cue in Stealth dispenser

Symmetry Visual Lighting Cue (VLC)

Visual lighting cues can double hand hygiene compliance rates by drawing attention to dispensers and reminding people to practice hand hygiene.

Symmetry Behavioral Beacon

Use light projections to trigger a response to take action

3 different emoticon projection options:
Thumbs up, smiley face, and heart

Education and Awareness Tools

Symmetry also offers informative education and awareness pieces, generating focus on the “HOW” and “WHY” of proper hand hygiene to help you maximize hand hygiene practices in your school or university. These include:

Wall Charts
Product Literature
Handwashing Videos