Hand Sanitizer

Symmetry Foaming Hand Sanitizer Fragrance Free is a rich foaming, waterless hand sanitizer that reduces common disease-causing bacteria. It is formulated with 62% w/w (70% v/v) ethyl alcohol, aloe, and vitamin E leaving hands refreshed — even with repeated use. Symmetry Foaming Hand Sanitizer Fragrance Free has no fragrance added and leaves no sticky residue. No water or towels needed! It is ideal for healthcare, hospitality, retail facilities, and schools.

All packaging is BPA free.

*Product sold in Canada is formulated with 62% w/v ethyl alcohol

  • 50ml

  • 550ml

  • 750ml

  • 1000ml

  • 1200ml

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Symmetry Hand Hygiene

Increase hand hygiene awareness and compliance. Reduce the spread of healthcare-associated-infections (HAIs). Reduce hand hygiene costs.

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97% of Clinicians Surveyed Chose Symmetry

Through clinical evaluation, Symmetry consistently proves to be the preferred choice of workers due to the gentleness of the product. Symmetry understands the importance of hand hygiene acceptance and manufactures products that people want to use. Your hands will pick Symmetry.

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Your symmetry representative sets a date and time with you to hold a product evaluation Expo at your facility.

Participants test hand hygiene products and fill out a product evaluation survey.

Once product testing and evaluation are complete, the results from each hand hygiene program are tallied and revealed.